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How Should Hardware Affect the Game?

Apr 30, 2010 at 3:40 AM

So, as you probably have realized, in building your droid, certain hardware components will have a direct effect on the gameplay.  For instance, a light to frequency IC will act as a sensor and directly affect your ability to detect enemy droids.  SPI-enabled EEPROMs are used as armor.  When you take a hit, the location is calculated and mapped to a location in the EEPROM.  Just as with regular armor, after so many hits (usually 100k to 1M), you will have to replace your armor (luckily, the EEPROMs only cost about 70 cents!).  One of the main focuses in the game is that your hardware and the software you write to integrate your hardware into your droid will have an impact on how well your droid does.

So the question is, what other hardware components would you suggest we support, what role do they map to, and how would you suggest the effect gameplay?  Here's an example:

Infrared Emitter and Receiver

Role: Sensor

Have emitter emit a certain frequency or number of pulses to the receiver, and have the game server request this number and use it in some way to detect the IR signature of enemy droids.

That's just a very sparse, brief example.  Can you suggest better/alternative ones?

Sep 17, 2010 at 5:47 PM

So I see two Hardware categories to start with Fun & For Profit, or Fun & Not For Profit.

The second, just continue how things have been.

The first, ground up, start with a microcontroller (avr/pic/etc) and design modules that plug in to each other for different functions in the scenario. Users buy modules, attach them to each other on whatever frame the user comes up with. A base station with predetermined sensors/sensor triggers gets attached to the PC via USB and according the online game, relays the other players sensor triggers to the user's bot. Completely expandable, and semi-profitable funding the operation and furthering of the entire concept.


Sep 21, 2010 at 9:46 AM

Hey Dan,

The primary goal from the outset is to ensure the project stays open source, but if it were ever to go "for profit," your ideas sound great.  I like the ideas of buying modules to upgrade,etc as the pilot and their droid advances levels.